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Commercial HVAC Houston, TX

Commercial HVAC Katy, TX - Repair, Installation, Design & Maintenance

R.H.A.C. offers the commercial customer a full turn-key HVAC solution. We have been installing and servicing commercial refrigeration HVAC equipment in Katy Texas for years. We are highly qualified and employ the most experienced technicians in the HVAC industry.

R.H.A.C. repairs your HVAC refrigeration, heating, or cooling systems right the first time. We work on large commercial refrigerators, walk-in commercial freezers, walk-in coolers, ice machines, wine cooling units, laboratories, and custom refrigeration systems.

Katy, TX - (832) 925-3361
Same Day 24/7 Repair Service Available!

R.H.A.C. can also help you design and install systems for your specific applications. R.H.A.C. provides priority service for customers with emergency service as well. We service commercial food stores around Katy Texas.

"One of the Best Refrigeration Repair Companies I have ever worked with"

~ Bo Bryan

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM *24 Hour Emergency Service*

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