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Below is a List of the Most Popular Ice Machine Manufacturers. ARGEE Mechanical, LLC is Factory Authorized to Service These Brands and Most Others on the Market.

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Dallas
Hoshizaki Ice Machine Repair Dallas

Hoshizaki America Ice Machine Manufacturer

Hoshizaki America is a name synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability. These values exist through the vision of our leadership and focus on our teamwork… developing quality relationships with our employees, suppliers, distributors, dealers, designers, and service providers. Together, we positively impact the users of our products and the communities in which we live.

Hoshizaki Corporate Mission

Hoshizaki America’s corporate mission is to achieve and maintain optimum customer satisfaction, by consistently providing the highest level of quality in the products and services delivered to all customers throughout the western hemisphere; to perpetuate a healthy, viable organization; and to deserve the reputation as an innovative leader from a technological and people standpoint in the commercial kitchen equipment industry.

Hoshizaki Corporate History

Hoshizaki Electric Company was established in February, 1947 in Nagoya, Japan by Mr. Shigetoshi Sakamoto. One of the first electrical products sold by Hoshizaki Electric was vehicle horns. Over the years, Hoshizaki Electric has manufactured and sold a variety of products to include stoves, refrigerators, vending machines, water purifiers, servers and dispensers, ice-makers and refrigerated show cases.
As a subsidiary of Hoshizaki Electric, Hoshizaki America was established in Los Angeles, California in December 1981. The Hoshizaki America facility in Peachtree City, Georgia was completed in 1986. An additional manufacturing facility in Griffin, Georgia began operation in early 2001. Hoshizaki America presently manufactures and markets a wide range of commercial icemakers, dispensers, refrigerators and related products to customers throughout the western hemisphere.

Hoshizaki Corporate Certifications

Manitowoc Ice

Since its inception in 1964, Manitowoc Ice, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of technology and conservation. The Manitowoc Ice team is committed to providing products that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the equipment investment by reducing costs and emphasizing food safety.

Building the perfect ice machine has never been easy, but inside-of-the-box thinking is just what you've come to expect from Manitowoc Ice.

With the introduction of the Q-Series we were the first to create an aesthetically designed line of ice machines that redefined the category. With the creation of QuietQube technology-we were first in establishing a new category of innovative remote condensing. The S-Series were the first ice machines designed to meet the demanding criteria for Sanitation established by NSF/ANSI Standard 12-2003.

The introduction of the Indigo Series in 2011 showed another huge leap forward. Intelligent Diagnostics provide constant and reliable monitoring of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper productions levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality and quickly display up to date service information.

At the NAFEM show in 2013 Manitowoc Ice rolled out the impressive NEO Undercounter, the everywhere you need ice machine. The NEO provides new levels in performance, Intelligence and convenience, in an all-in-one solution.

In its 360,000 square foot, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Wisconsin facility, the company designs, manufactures and markets a complete ice machine product line with 200+ models in ice-making capacities from 65 to 3,380 pounds (30 to 1536 kgs.) per day. All Manitowoc ice machines use environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants. Many are Energy Star compliant. The product line also includes ice storage bins, floor standing ice dispensers, ice machine accessories and a group of cleaning and sanitizing items such as AuCS, Guardian, and Arctic Pure water filters. Innovation and customer support has enabled Manitowoc Ice to become America's #1 selling brand of ice machine.

Man•i•to•woc (man‘a-ta-wôk) home of the Great Spirit, a city in east central Wisconsin on Lake Michigan; population 33,400.

Scotsman Ice Machine Repair Dallas
Scotsman Ice Machine Repair Dallas



The company that reinvented ice. 

Scotsman is the world’s leading ice machine manufacturer for one basic reason. We understand, better than any other company, the critical importance of ice to any number of businesses.

From hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and fast-food outlets, to hospitals, laboratories, fisheries and food processing facilities, Scotsman machines play a crucial role in the success of each operation. With a reliable supply of cubes, flake, superflake, scale, nugget, and gourmet ice, in quantities that range from one cube at a time to 10 tons of ice a day, Scotsman is clearly the Ice The World Demands™.

Global Impact

Scotsman Ice Systems pioneered the development of affordable, reliable ice-making machines in the 1950s. Over a half a century of research, innovation and superior customer service later, we remain the largest manufacturer of ice machines in the world with distributors and authorized service agents in over 100 countries. Today there are more than a million Scotsman ice machines at work around the world.

Scotsman delivers purposeful innovation across more than 300 models of ice machines, bins and dispensers. Scotsman combines efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance to produce today’s most advanced ice machines.


With choices such as Prodigy® cubers and nugget ice machines that reduce both utility costs and water usage, Scotsman equipment leads the industry in the smart technologies that promote efficiency.


Scotsman was the first ice machine manufacturer to receive ISO9001:2000 certification, to become a Shingo Award finalist and receive recognition by IndustryWeek as one of the top 10 best plant operations in America.

Food Safety 

AquaArmor™, which uses AgION® to inhibit microbes, and the patented WaterSense systems are built into many Scotsman products to keep ice machines cleaner, longer.


With features such as AutoAlert™ external indicator lights, Eclipse® remote ice-making and AutoSentry™ self-monitoring technology, Scotsman makes operating your ice machines, bins and dispensers easy, foolproof and reliable.


Scotsman offers the most choices of ice forms in the industry today, including the customer-preferred Scotsman Nugget Ice, The Original Chewable Ice™, as well as flake ice and small or medium cubes.


Manuals, operational videos and other guides are widely available for anyone specifying and using Scotsman ice machines. Regular service bulletins are issued to Scotsman engineers and are available to customers upon request. At Scotsman we listen and respond to your needs through an organized customer comments process that encompasses European, American and Asian head offices.