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Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma

Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma

24 Hour Refrigeration Puget Sound's leading walk in cooler repair & servicing specialist. We provide sales, design & installation, repairs & service. 24 Hour Refrigeration deals with a wide range of cooling and heating units from all manufacturers. We will perform your walk in cooler repair quickly and efficiently. We can also give you advice and specialist knowledge enabling you to be confident of any new walk in cooler purchase you may be considering.


Walk in cooler Repair

24 Hour Refrigeration serves commercial food stores throughout Tacoma and surrounding Communities. We are dedicated to providing quality workmanship, professional service, and customer satisfaction every time. Whether you're running a family-owned restaurant or a five-star hotel, no walk in cooler repair, walk in cooler repair, or ice machine repair job is too small or too big for us. Our highly skilled commercial refrigeration technicians are available seven days a week, including holidays. 24 Hour Refrigeration specializes in commercial walk in cooler repair so you can rest assured that your equipment will be in good hands. For speedy and efficient walk in cooler repair service, call us 24/7 7 days a week.

Issues with walk-in coolers can be a huge problem for any business. If you have a problem with your walk in cooler 24 Hour Refrigeration has highly skilled refrigeration technicians available to repair even your toughest cooling issues. We’ve been providing service for commercial walk in coolers for many years. We offer walk in cooler Repair, walk in cooler sales, and walk in cooler Installation. We know how important it is to minimize down time, and to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.  We provide fast reliable repair services on all brands of walk in Coolers and all models. Our training and years of experience enable us to provide diagnostics quickly which ultimately helps our customers receive quality technical service and to get back up and running as fast as possible!

Walk In Cooler Repair and Servicing in Tacoma

24 Hour Refrigeration specializes in walk-in cooler repair and servicing in Tacoma. We provide walk-in Cooler repairs, servicing, and installation of all brands and models for diverse industries – restaurants, grocery stores, commercial & retail and convenience stores. Our services are available 7 days a week to keep our customers’ businesses up and running.

From installation to upgrades to repair and maintenance, 24 Hour Refrigeration can assure you professional and affordable service and repair of walk-in Coolers. We offer same day services for all major appliances repair all seven days of the week. So, call us today to schedule an appointment with our expert technicians.

24 Hour Refrigeration has been serving the industry for many years which enables us to deal efficiently with a range of challenges when it comes to walk-in Cooler repair and installation. We believe in protecting our customer’s best interests and so unlike other walk-in refrigeration repair providers will not recommend a replacement unless the original one is severely damaged. We offer not only top quality service but unrivaled expertise as well. You can count on fast response and efficient service all the time.

Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction and will always offer you the fairest pricing so you can rest assured knowing your dollars are being spent wisely.

We proudly offer walk in Cooler repair services in Tacoma and ALL surrounding cities.


Maintaining Your Walk-in Cooler

Whether you run a restaurant, convenience store or a supermarket, your walk-in is an important investment. It should be taken care of to ensure many years of efficient usage. Here are tips for maintaining your walk-in Cooler.

How to keep your walk-in Cooler operating efficiently:

Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
  • Close the door when not in use. Do not block or prop the door open for extended periods of time. Make sure it is closed at all times except when entering and exiting the walk-in.
  • Periodically (minimum of twice a year) clean the evaporator and condensing coil. If located outside, the coils should be cleaned more often. Clean the fan blades to reduce drag.
  • Make sure fan motors are running at optimum speed.
  • On outside condensing units, maintain clear and adequate airflow. For example, do not allow trash or weeds to accumulate around the walk-in.
  • Make sure there is nothing stacked around the coil to prevent restricted airflow.
  • Do not pile anything on top of the walk-in. This could cause damage to the ceiling panels.
  • Occasionally have a service technician check all electrical connections to make sure they are good and tight. Loose wires could cause high amperage, which will cause your unit to use more energy.
  • Check for damage or decay in the insulation on suction lines between the condensing unit and evaporator coil. Replace as needed.
  • Hinges should be lubricated once a year to ensure they close properly. (Some hinges utilize self-lubricating nylon cams, so this will not be necessary if that is the case.)
  • Make sure the lights are off when exiting the walk-in. Lights produce heat, which will cause your unit to run more to hold its optimal temperature. Make sure your walk-in has a switch with a pilot light so you can tell if the light is on without opening the door.
  • Check the door sweep for tears and make sure it is sealing properly against the threshold.
  • Periodically, check gaskets between panels to make sure they are not cracked or weathered. Replacement of damaged gaskets will ensure your walk-in is efficient and up to local health codes.

How to keep your walk-in Cooler clean:

Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
Walk in Cooler Repair Tacoma
  • Soap and water is the best cleaning method for your walk-in. Do not use harsh chemicals as it may react and harm the metal surface of your walk-in. For chemicals not to use read this pdf.
  • Minimum of twice a year use a self-rinsing cleaner, soap and water or stiff bristled brush to clean your evaporator and condensing coils.
  • Drain lines – at least once a year, work with a service tech to make sure the drain lines are clean and not clogged with any debris.
  • Door gaskets – Regularly wipe down with soap and water to prevent bacterial or mold growth. If door gaskets are damaged, cracked or stiff, the magnet will not seal and will need to be replaced.
  • Sweep or mop floors to make sure they are kept clean from food debris that will mold or attract pests.

Mistakes operators most commonly make:

  • Turning holding temperature too low for product, this causes the refrigeration to overwork.
  • Walk-in manufacturers install a thermostat on the outside of the door that reads the internal temperature of the walk-in. There is a chance that the thermostat is faulty or needs to be re-calibrated. Always have a backup thermometer in the walk-in to make sure the walk-in is holding the optimal temperature.
  • Stacking boxes or food too close to the door thermometer-sensing bulb or thermostat-sensing bulb can cause a false reading of the temperature in the walk-in.

Advice on walk in Cooler safety related issues in Tacoma, WA:

  • Make sure you clean up any liquid spills as soon as they happen. This is especially important in Coolers as the liquid will start to freeze immediately and can be dangerous.
  • Non-skid strips are available for the floors, to ensure a non-slip environment.
  • Keep aisles clear and do not overload walk-in by stacking too much in your Cooler. Stack things neatly to make sure you are able to take good inventory of your stock.
  • Power outage – A typical walk-in will maintain temperature for about 12 hours as long as door is kept closed. If the power outage lasts longer than 12 hours, consider a back-up generator.

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