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Manitowoc "Modular"

Modular units offer the ultimate flexibility. By selecting the bin and head unit separately, the customer can build their own custom unit. Modular units are available in cuber, flaker, and nugget ice machines.

Manitowoc "Remote"

Manitowoc's remote ice machine technology allows the user to place the fan of the machine outside of the building, keeping added heat and noise out of the kitchen and dining area.

Manitowoc "Undercounter"

These compact ice cube machines are ideal for small-volume ice production. Specifically designed to fit beneath counters or in areas where floor space or height restrictions prohibit use of larger equipment.

Manitowoc "Countertop"

Manitowoc's countertop ice machines dispense nugget ice and water. Ideal for healthcare facilities and breakroom applications. Manitowoc makes it easy to chew—chewable nugget ice.

Manitowoc "Hotel"

Designed for bucket filling by hotel guests or ice dispensing for institutions or factories. The streamlined design and patented rocking chute dispensing mechanism reduces in-flight ice and ice spillage.

Manitowoc "Ice Beverage"

Manitowoc “IB” machines are only 14” deep allowing for easy access to manual fill on beverage dispensers. With the proper adapter, Manitowoc’s IB machines can be installed on any brand of beverage dispenser.

Storage & Accessories

Manitowoc offers 12 different ice storage bin options and countless accessories to complement all ice machines.

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Manitowoc "Modular" Cubers

Designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business. Manitowoc cuber ice machines deliver clear cubed ice with maximum cooling efficiency,

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Manitowoc "Modular" Flakers

Highly reliable flaker ice machines that deliver small, soft pieces of ice--ideal for presentation applications in retail and other applications.

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