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Ice Machine Leasing in Dallas, TX

We know that growing your business, increasing revenues, and earning greater market share is a goal that you share with all other driven business owners. But it sometimes feels like coming up with enough business capital to purchase ice machines, supplies, manage inventory, repair broken equipment, and secure new machinery, is the truly challenging part of running a business. If you own or operate a business that relies on one or more ice machines on a daily basis, you understand how critical these industrial grade appliances are to your day-to-day operation.

Why Ice Machine Leasing is Better for Your Bottom Line

If one of your ice machines go down or fails to perform at peak levels, the results can be disastrous. Spoiled inventory, upset customers, and damage to other equipment can result from faulty ice machines. If you are in the market for a new ice machine or a series of ice machines, you’ll want to decide between purchasing outright using on-hand cash, or leasing.

Keep more cash on hand by Leasing your Ice Machines

Businesses require money to make money, and there must be sufficient funds in the bank to handle the ebb and flow of the revenue stream. Payroll must be met, suppliers must be paid, utility bills must be kept current, and emergency expenses can be quite unforgiving when there aren’t sufficient funds in the bank. By leasing an ice machine, you will be able to keep more cash on-hand because little to no money down and no collateral are required to obtain the ice machines that are needed by your business. Another side effect of having cash on hand is a greater ability to respond quickly to lucrative opportunities within your field. Cash-strapped businesses often find that they must turn down potential opportunities simply because it can take money to start a job.

ARGEE Mechanical is the premier Dallas, TX ice machine company offering a comprehensive rental & leasing service for commercial ice machines that includes all repairs, preventative maintenance and much more!

ARGEE Mechanical is the only company with Central Texas presence that gives you a 100% Lifetime Guarantee for a Commercial Ice Machine. Successful business owners invest their capital in assets that generate a return—and commercial ice machines fail that test. That is why previous owners of commercial ice machines are making the switch to the ARGEE Mechanical subscription model.

ARGEE Mechanical Commercial Ice Machine Leasing Solution

Our solution is simple. For a nominal setup and fixed monthly fee, we provide:

  • Top of the line Manitowoc commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers
  • Free standard water filters for commercial ice makers
  • All preventive maintenance including 2 comprehensive ice machine cleanings per year
  • All repairs, including parts and labor, included with subscription
  • Breakdown Ice: Complimentary food-grade quality ice if the ice machine is broken
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Simple ice machine upgrade program and no-penalty, 30-day cancellation policy for qualified customers

Having an ice maker at home is a good investment, especially when you are entertaining and holding a party. For food business entrepreneurs, on the other hand, such machines are one of your most important equipment, especially if you want to constantly satisfy your customers’ cravings for fresh and cold drinks. Check out the following things to consider when you look for commercial ice machines.

What Type of Commercial Ice Machine Do You Prefer to Lease?

There are basically 3 kinds of ice machines: one type is the automatic icemaker you can install alongside your refrigerator. These are particularly useful if you don’t have a constant need of ice. However, if you’re a businessman and you sell drinks as one of your products, of course, freestanding commercial ice machines are more ideal to consider.

How Much Ice Do You Need Per Day?

Different types of ice machines can provide you unlimited amounts of ice depending on their capacity. ARGEE Mechanical will carefully consider your needs and recommend only the best commercial ice machine models available in the market.

What Type Of Ice Do You Need/Prefer?

Various models of these machines can produce different types of ice styles. Of course, some styles are most appropriate for specific applications, while some can be used for a variety of purposes. Commercial ice machines produce the traditional cube shapes and half dice cubes. There are also crescent shapes used mostly for beverage dispensing, as well as cylinder ice shapes that are perfect for fine dine and banquet settings. You may also prefer flakers or nugget ice machines offered by several brand manufacturers.

What’s Your Preferred Daily Production Rate?

Daily production rate refers to the amount of ice that can be produced by the ice machine in 24 hours. ARGEE Mechanical will help you determine your ice production rate depending on your particular requirements.

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